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Why Come to Us?

Member of Audiology Australia and Independent Audiologists Australia. Friendly local audiologists who care about the hearing needs of our community.


University qualified audiologists with over 10 years of clinical practice, skilled in precisely tuning your Hearing Aids to your specific preferences.

Trusted and experienced local audiologists dedicated to providing superior patient care, with the support of local ear, nose and throat specialists, GPs and allied health professionals.

Conveniently located at the Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre surrounded by an optometrist, pharmacist and Woolworths. Close to several aged care villages such as the Weary Dunlop, Lifeview The Willows and  Cumberland View.

The latest precision testing equipment, access to cutting edge Hearing Aid technology and custom fitted Hearing Protection devices.

Bring your old hearing aid batteries in to us for safe disposal. Quantum Hearing participates in environmentally friendly battery recycling programs.

As an independent provider, we are not owned by any hearing aid manufacturer or controlled by corporate groups. This allows us to provide unbiased advice with a large range of hearing aids to choose from to suit your specific hearing  needs and preferences. Audiologists at Quantum Hearing only recommend and prescribe hearing aids that are original, high quality, and of the latest technologies from internationally renowned hearing aid manufacturers that have an excellent reputation in the hearing industry worldwide.

How it works

Book your Full Hearing Assessment Appointment
We discuss your hearing concerns
Conduct a full hearing assessment to determine the type and degree of hearing loss
We recommend cutting edge hearing solutions to address your hearing needs
Fit devices and show you how to use and care for them
Provide ongoing superior patient care & service to address your hearing needs


Our Clinic

Located in Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre, Quantum Hearing is an independent Audiology Clinic committed to addressing the hearing needs of the local community.  Quantum Hearing is accredited by WorkSafe Victoria, and also provides Government funded hearing services to eligible Pensioners and Veterans.

We also arrange in-home consultations for our patients unable to attend the clinic, and for our patients in local care facilities.


Our Mission

Using cutting edge testing equipment, Quantum Hearing seeks to assist people experiencing hearing difficulties by suggesting cost effective solutions that suit their needs and lifestyle.


Our Team

Our principal Audiologist is Gavin Hua (LLB, BBusSys, MCAud, AAudA).  He is a member of Audiology Australia, and Independent Audiologists Australia.

Gavin completed the Bachelor of Laws in Melbourne and his Masters of Clinical Audiology in Sydney. He has now practiced as a Senior Accredited Audiologist for over twelve years in clinics across Melbourne and Sydney.

Clinic Quantum Hearing
Quantum Hearing Clinic Main Entrance
Audiology Consultation & Testing Room
Micro-Suction Ear Wax Removal Room
About Us
Our Services




A full hearing assessment measures your hearing levels & explores options to address your hearing requirements


Hearing Aid Repairs

Servicing and repair of your hearing aid


Hearing Aids

We offer a full range of hearing aids to suit your level of hearing and budget

Custom Ear Protection

Form-fitting customised earplugs crafted from an impression of your ears for industrial noise, water protection, communication ear pieces and headphones

Hearing Aid Adjustments

A full hearing assessment measures your hearing levels & explores options to address your hearing requirements

Ear Wax Removal

We can assist ear wax removal by Micro-Suction using a medical microscope and gentle vacuum

Hearing Aid Mould Cleaning

Professional cleaning improves the working order of your hearing aid

Online Shop

Free delivery within Australia - select from our range of audiologist recommended batteries, accessories, devices and gift ideas


Our Details

a Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre

       Shop 27, 190 Jells Road,

       Wheelers Hill, VIC, 3150



t (03) 8510 0535     f (03) 8510 0535

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 9:30am - 4:30pm

After hours and home visits available by appointment

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