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Our full audiological evaluation involves:

  • Your History: Our audiologist will ask you about your ears and your hearing, and listen to any concerns you may be experiencing.


  • Otoscopy: The external auditory canal connects the outer ear to the ear drum. Using an instrument called an otoscope, our audiologist will examine the external auditory canal.


  • Pure Tone Audiometry: This test measures hearing threshold levels, enabling our audiologist to assess the degree, type and configuration of any hearing loss. This test provides the basis for the diagnosis and management of your hearing.

    • This test requires you to press a button when you hear tones/beeps presented at varying levels


  • Speech Audiometry: This tests your ability to hear and understand speech at soft conversational levels.

    • This test requires you to repeat the sounds heard through the headphones.


  • Tympanometry: By creating variations in air pressure along the ear canal, this examination evaluates the condition of the conduction bones, the middle ear and mobility of the eardrum (tympanic membrane).


  • Audiologist Recommendation: Our audiologist will discuss the results of your assessment with you and, depending on the outcomes of your assessment, demonstrate the range of protective and assistive devices and hearing aids that will best support your hearing needs.

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