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Before an Audiologist makes a recommendation on hearing aids, you will be required to undertake a full hearing assessment to ensure that your hearing loss is suitable for amplification and that any medical concerns have been addressed.

Hearing aids are highly sophisticated medical and communication instruments. They facilitate hearing clarity and enable one to maintain active participation in all aspects of communication, including family, social, sporting and recreational activities.

The physical, mental and emotional health benefits of maintaining strong, active, social and familial interactions throughout all stages of life has been scientifically proven.  Our hearing plays a crucial role in our capacity to engage with those around us.  As our hearing changes, hearing aids play a vital role in sustaining one’s lifestyle and keeping us connected to those aspects of life we are not yet ready to let go of.


TECHNOLOGY: Noise reduction, microphone automation, wind protection, telephone programs, Bluetooth connection, rechargeable options and compatible accessories such as for the television. Each hearing aid range includes devices suitable for all budgets.  From entry level devices designed for your essential hearing needs, to premium devices with added functionality, our audiologist is up to date with the latest technology and is qualified to make friendly recommendations based on your needs.


STYLES (Listed from left to right): Invisible In-The-Canal (IIC), Completely-In-Canal (CIC), In-The-Canal (ITC), In-The-Ear (ITE), Receiver-In-Ear (RIE), Open Fit/Behind-The-Ear (BTE)*. Different hearing aid styles come with varying degrees of technological sophistication and compatible accessories.


*Not all hearing aid styles are suitable for all types and degrees of hearing loss. Hearing aids will only be recommended based on individual hearing loss and patient needs.

Our audiologist will assist with your hearing needs by making any necessary referrals for  medical concerns to be addressed, assist with choosing a hearing that would be suitable for your hearing loss and one that you are able to use and wear. This will be practised during the fitting appointment as well.

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