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Pension Concession Card Holders: Your patient will be entitled to a full hearing test subsidised by the Department of Health under the Hearing Services Program (HSP). No referral forms are required to be completed.

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program: If your patient does not have a Pension Concession Card, we can assist patients referred by their General Practitioner under CDM which will be bulk billed when marking Audiologist Item Number 10952 on the referral form.  With these referrals, we provide comprehensive audiological hearing assessments rather than simple screening tests.

What are the entitlements under HSP?

Patients will be eligible for:

  • a comprehensive hearing assessment,

  • help with your hearing loss and communication needs,

  • access to fully subsidised hearing devices,

  • maintenance of hearing aids with batteries/repairs for a small fee.


Who are eligible under HSP?

Where a patient is an Australian citizen or permanent resident 21 years or older and is one of the following:



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