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Frequently Asked Questions


Who will Quantum Hearing provide audiological services to?

We provide audiological services for aged 26 and above.

If you are 25 and younger, please call 1800 500 726 where you may get assistance under the Office of Hearing Services.


You may get funding with:

  • Australian Aged Pension

  • Veterans (have a White or Gold Card)

  • Disability Employment Services

  • Industrial Deafness (WorkSafe Victoria)

  • Private Health insurance

What products or services does Quantum Hearing provide?

  • Screening for hearing loss

  • Full audiological testing involving otoscopy, Pure Tone Audiometry, Speech Audiometry, Tympanometry

  • Fitting and management of Hearing aids

  • Servicing of Hearing aids e.g. failing to work, repair devices or send them to their manufacturer to repair

  • Custom made moulds e.g. sleep, musicians, industrial, swimmer plugs,

  • Assistive Listening Devices e.g. flashing door bells, louder phones, head phones for the tv. These items can also be obtained through this website.


Why should a full audiological assessment be conducted?

A full audiological assessment is important to provide a baseline of your hearing, monitor any changes in hearing, discuss preventative measures or refer for further medical intervention. If your hearing levels show up as a hearing loss, we can provide further discussion on options for hearing amplification with hearing devices.


​Who should have a full audiological assessment?

A full audiological assessment is recommended for anyone who has, but not limited to,

  • concerns with hearing the television or radio,

  • asking for repeats from family, friends in quiet or noisy situations,

  • difficulties hearing at meetings e.g. social club or work,

  • have had family or friends comment on hearing,

  • difficulties hearing the speaker on the telephone,

  • difficulties hearing the doorbell or phone ringing,

  • noticed a change in hearing,

  • noticed a blocked feeling/sensation in the ears,

  • worked, or still working, in a noisy environment e.g. factory or exposed to loud machinery,

  • exposed, or still exposed, to loud music or used/using audio devices (Walkmans, Discmans, Ipods, MP3 players etc.), or

  • general monitoring of hearing health

How often should you have an Audiological Assessment?

Generally a Full Audiological Assessment is recommended annually or earlier if concerns arises.


What is involved in an audiolgocial assessment?

  1. Questions will be asked regarding your past history with hearing and current hearing concerns,

  2. Hearing test will be conducted (Otoscopy (viewing your ear canal and ear drum), Pure Tone Audiometry (beep responses), Speech audiometry (word responses), may involve tympanometry (middle ear function test))

  3. Outcome of the test will be discussed

  4. Recommendations to be discussed such as referral to other health professionals, preventative measures with custom made protection moulds, or amplification with hearing aids or Assistive listening devices.

Location of clinic?

We are located at the Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre, Shop 27, 190 Jells Road, Wheelers Hill, Victoria, Australia. 3150.

For patients unable to attend the clinic, we are able to service local nursing homes and homes to assist with your aural rehabilitation needs. Please contact us on 03 8510 0535 or email for your options.

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